Bairath, an ancient township located near Jaipur, is famous for excavations. Read and find more information about this place.


Bairath, also known as Viratnagar, is a place of historical and mythological significance. Located about 85 km from Jaipur, it is easily accessible by road. Bairath is home to many historically important structures, which belong to Maurya, Mughal and Rajput periods. Of all the excavations done so far, the remains of circular Buddhist temple are the most important ones. This temple is believed to be the earliest structural temple of India. Bairath has connections with Hindu epics as well and is believed to have served as a capital for Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna. The Bairath town was once a center of Buddhism and the excavations has many stories to tell about ancient Bairath. This place is famous for the Banganga Fair, which is held on the full moon day of Vaishakh (April-May) every year. It takes place near a rivulet 11 km away from this historical township. Bairath has a significant place in India's culture and history which makes this place worth visiting. Read though the following section and find more information about this place.

According to the legends, Viratanagari was the capital city for king Virata of Matsya Kingdom. It is believed that the Pandavas spent one year in Viratanagari during their thirteen-year exile. King Virata was related to Pandavas and was the father-in-law of Abhimanyu, Arjuna's son.

The excavations done in this region reveal that this township was a part of Maurya Empire and was an important Buddhist center at the time. A circular Buddhist temple, believed to be the first structural temple, was excavated from this region. Other major dynasty, the Mughals also contributed to the culture of Bairath. Emperor Akbar built a mint, or a coin factory, in this town. The beautiful Mughal garden is also an important contribution from the Mughal Empire. Akbar's son Jahangir built a huge monument with painted domes.

Bairath has many excavated remaining of structures which belong to Mauraya, Mughal and Rajput periods. It has many excavated Buddhist structures as well, which shows that this place was a religious and cultural center of ancient India. The Banganga Fair is another attraction of Bairath. This fair is conducted every year on the full moon day of Vaishakh (April-May).

How To Reach

By Air:
The nearest airport is the Jaipur Sanganer Airport. Bairath is about 86 km away from Jaipur and you can take the Shahpura-Alwar road from Jaipur to reach Bairath.

Rail: The nearest railway stations are Saiyedpur Bhtri Railway station (11 km away), Taraon Railway station (11km away) and Aunrihar Jn Railway station (13 km away) from where various cabs and bus facilities can be availed to reach Bairath.

Road: Bairath is located near the Shahpura-Alwar road. You may hire a taxi/cab from Jaipur to reach Bairath.

Best Time To Visit
Summer is generally very hot with maximum temperature touching 45oC in this town. So, the best time to visit this place is from October to March.

Rajasthan is known for its royal mansions and forts but, that is not all. Bairath, a historical township located near Jaipur, shows the depth of Rajasthani culture and its association with history.