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We present you this comprehensive guide to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a land of Rajputs with a rich historical and architectural legacy and Jaipur being the royal capital in the past and state capital at present has a number of attractions that will certainly ring for a long time in your memory. Witness the play of red sandstone and white marble that marks the monuments of 'The Pink City' Jaipur. Founded by a genius ruler Sawai Raja Jai Singh, who were a kindred soul and an intellectual in his own right, Jaipur never ceases to mesmerize tourists with its delights. The first planned city of India, the regal splendor and grandeur is embedded in the very aura of the city of Jaipur. A commercial center known for its emeralds, carpets, blue pottery and textiles, a festive spirit evades the warm and hospitable desert people of the city. Here, you can know about the main places to visit, the excursion points of the city and its history and culture in brief.